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In Memory of Terry Dunleavy

In April 2006, Terry Dunleavy and a group of fellow New Zealanders created the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition (NZCSC) to correct much of the misleading information being disseminated about climate change and man-made global warming. In response to strong international support for the NZCSC’s science-based approach to the debate, and in preparation for the UN Bali climate conference in 2007, Mr. Dunleavy, working with Bryan Leyland and interested citizens from other countries, created the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC). 

Mr. Dunleavy remained very active in the climate change debate, working closely with the ICSC and NZCSC, maintaining the NZCSC Web site, speaking to public gatherings (view a short excerpt of the presentation Mr. Dunleavy gave in May 2009 in New York City) and writing popular level articles about the issue (e.g. "Let's use cooling off period to check our facts," New Zealand Herald, May 6, 2008). 

From 1998 to 2003, Mr. Dunleavy was national co-ordinator of Bluegreens, now the NZ National Party’s advisory group on environmental issues. He was a former journalist and commercial printer, and had been involved in the NZ wine industry for many years, receiving the MBE honor in 1990 for services to the wine industry and the community. Between 1976 and 1991, Mr. Dunleavy was the inaugural CEO of the Wine Institute of New Zealand and had been the editor of the magazine, “New Zealand WineGrower”, since 1997. Read Mr. Dunleavy's November 18, 2013 article in the New Zealand Herald.

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