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Energy Made Easy


Introductory Video:

Energy policy in the United States and Canada has become hijacked by the environmental lobby. Our energy independence has been sacrificed in the name of climate change and renewable energy. Instead of cementing our economic and national security policy in sustainable energy, our governments have decided to reshape America and Canada in the model of the increasingly fragile European States. The War in Ukraine has shown how crucial practical energy policy is for all of us. 

An energy crisis is looming, further exacerbated by mainstream media and big techs’ failure to provide balanced information and promote transparent energy policies. However, this crisis presents an opportunity—the chance to educate audiences on pragmatic energy policy in a way that has not yet been done. 

Our solution to the crisis—ENERGY MADE EASY:

Energy Made Easy is the first comprehensive energy channel created to educate the public on issues affecting and influencing electricity, fossil fuel and other energy policies—an energy podcast, show, and channel where we talk about energy in a conversational, flowing, easy-to-understand manner.

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